Ukraine is defending itself against an unprecedented military aggression by Russia.

In addition to the many thousands of civilians murdered, Ukraine has had over 8 million refugees forcibly displaced outside of Ukraine and another 8 million displaced within Ukraine. This includes many attorneys and law students who have left Ukraine and are without employment or opportunity for professional development. Due to the war, most of those who have stayed in Ukraine have been unable to pursue professional development either.

This is why The Center for American Studies (part of the Center for American & European Studies, an American-led non-profit foundation operating in Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy) is raising funds to organize a 100% FREE LL.M. Program aimed at Ukrainian law students and lawyers, who are interested to continue their professional development while the war continues in Ukraine.

The LL.M. Program is hosted by the Center for American Studies, West Ukrainian National University Law Faculty, Uzhhorod National University Faculty of Law and the Zakarpattian Bar Association.


The Program is carried out under the official auspices of:

Zakarpattian Bar Association
Uzhhorod, Ukraine
West Ukrainian National University Law Faculty
Ternopil, Ukraine
Uzhhorod National University
Uzhhorod, Ukraine
American Councils Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
Ukrainian American House
Rancho Cordova, California
Gavrilov & Brooks
Sacramento & Los Angeles
The National Bar Association of Advocates and the President of the National Bar of Advocates of Poland
Kielce District Bar Association of Legal Advisors
Kielce, Poland
Cytowski & Partners
Nowy Jork, Nowy Jork
Cohen's Law
Boulder, Colorado
Grinevich Law Group, P.C.
Roseville, California
Law Office of Cecily E. Baskir
Bethesda, Maryland
Law Offices of Alla V. Vorobets
Orangevale, California
Association of Ukrainians in Poland
Warsaw, Poland
SMM Legal
Poznan & Warsaw, Poland
Gutowski & Associates
Poznan, Poland
Wojciech Chrzanowski Law Office
Cracow, Poland
Law Offices of Natalia Stojanowska
Gdansk, Poland
Jan Kownacki Tax Law Office
Białystok, Poland
Piotr Chodosz "The Profitable Law Firm"
Otwock, Poland


Make your contribution via check to Ukrainian American House (UA House) headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California (a non-profit 501(c)(3) supporting organization and fiscal agent for the Center for American Studies). Checks should be marked „For Ukrainian legal education”
Your charitable contribution to the Ukrainian American House will be tax-deductible in accordance with U.S. law (www.uahouse.org)


Make your contribution directly to the Center For American Studies via the GoGetFunding page

Disclaimer: Charitable contributions made by American entities to foreign organizations via GoGetFunding are not generally tax-deductible so use the 1st method – check payable to the Ukrainian American House – if you want to seek a tax deduction

Join us for an official fundraiser event at the 58 Degrees Restaurant (1217 18th St, Sacramento) between 5:30 and 8:30 pm on April 25th!

Not only will you have a chance to enjoy some food and drinks, but you will also have the opportunity to meet hosts and patrons of the Program in person.

RSVP via e-mail to Valery Loumber at [email protected] by Sunday, April 23rd.



Thanks to you, our LL.M. Program will be offered at no financial cost to the Ukrainian students who are accepted into the Program.

Normally, American LL.M. programs cost from $70,000 to $100,000 per student. LL.M. degrees at such costs are completely inaccessible to Ukrainian lawyers. Our Program will educate fifty (50) Ukrainian students at a cost equal to that of an LL.M. program for two or three (2 or 3) students on American soil. Our LL.M. will be accessible to Ukrainian students from all backgrounds and demographics, and we will give priority of admission to students dealing with economic hardship and consequences of the war.

Our program is the first 100% free American LL.M. Program in history!

The Program will have a dual focus: on international private law (including International Business Transactions, Corporate Governance, Transborder Bankruptcy) and practical legal and language skills (Legal Writing, Contract Drafting, Negotiation, Commercial Arbitration, Mediation). The program will also include courses aimed specifically at post-war restitutions and combating future potential corruption in the process of using financial aid by national and local state institutions in Ukraine.

Each course, depending on the subject matter, will last between 10 and 40 hours. The planned time frame for the first edition of the Program is September 2023 – June 2024. For logistical reasons, we will admit a maximum of 40-50 students to the Program. A group of this size will enable the interactive format of the courses.

Because the Program is 100% free for Ukrainians, the criteria for admission will be: (a) the need for professional development presented in the application letter resulting from economic hardship and/or consequences of the war, and (b) the desire to support Ukraine during and/or after the war (e.g., through pro bono legal assistance to war victims).

The entire Program, due to the geographic spread of Ukrainian refugees, will be carried out online in English. In order to verify the acquired knowledge, individual courses will end with relevant exams, leading to the LL.M. Diploma.



Legal English and Legal Writing
40 hours
Legal Analysis and Advanced Legal Writing
40 hours
Drafting Contracts
40 hours
Civil Law and Civil Procedure: Terminology, Drafting and Litigation Skills
40 hours


International Sales and Commercial Contracts
15 hours
International Trade
15 hours
International Litigation in American Courts
15 hours
International Tax Law
15 hours
Business Organizations and Business Formation
15 hours
Startups and Venture Capital Financings
15 hours
Mergers & Acquisitions
15 hours
Corporate Governance
15 hours
International Commercial Arbitration
15 hours
Client Interviewing and Witness Questioning
15 hours
Mediation Skills & Strategies
15 hours
Negotiation Skills & Strategies
15 hours


Post-War Reconstruction and Restitutions
15 hours
White-Collar Crime
15 hours
Corruption and Mismanagement of Foreign Aid
15 hours
Real Estate Transactions
15 hours
Transborder Bankruptcy
15 hours
Secured Transactions
15 hours
Cryptocurrency and the Law
15 hours
American Securities Regulation
15 hours



Because attorneys are integral to the functioning and build-up of any democratic society governed by the rule of law, and Ukraine is no exception, the professional development of Ukrainian attorneys during the war will assist Ukraine tremendously in its post-war reconstruction efforts, fighting for post-war restitutions and indemnifications, and combating future potential corruption in the process of using financial aid by national and local state institutions in Ukraine now and for years to come. Moreover, a strong legal community of Ukraine will be conducive to Ukraine meeting all necessary criteria of being accepted as a member of the European Union.

All faculty teaching in the Program will be the best American attorneys and law professors, graduates of leading American law schools (Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, etc.) many of whom regularly teach for the Center. This guarantees excellence in teaching. All American faculty will teach in real time, connecting with participants directly from the United States.


Establishing and operating the Program carries substantial costs, such as U.S. law faculty compensation, setting up a learning management system, record keeping system, cybersecurity/data privacy system, marketing the program, as well as paying tech-support personnel, accountants, coordinators, and other support staff for the duration of the program (one year).

  • The budget for the program is estimated to be 250,000 USD.
  • The initiative is not, in any way, financed by public institutions (state or local government) of any state.
  • At least three coordinators will be employed to run the program and five assistants will help them run every-day operations.



$500 – $2,000


$2,001 – $5,000


$5,001 – $10,000


$10,001 – $15,000



The Center for American Studies

An American-led non-profit first established in Poland, the Center For American Studies operates in Ukraine, Italy, Spain, and DACHL (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein), and provides high quality practical education for lawyers whose native legal education systems are overly domestic law-based and detached from practice.

Zakarpattian Bar Association (part of the Ukrainian National Bar Association)

Fusing experience and energy, the Zakarpattian Bar attracts young lawyers who help their distinguished mentors achieve excellence in legal education and advocacy. Operating as a model for other bar associations across Ukraine, the Zakarpattian Bar is on the forefront of safeguarding the rule of law and unity within the entire Ukrainian legal community in the turbulent times of war.

West Ukrainian National University Law Faculty

West Ukrainian National University (WUNU) is a leading Ukrainian educational institution, which shapes the academic spirit, passion, and discipline of Ukrainian intellectuals, professionals, and leaders. While WUNU is a stalwart of Ukrainian identity formation, it embraces modernity and retains a competitive spirit among its students.

Uzhhorod University Faculty of Law

The Uzhhorod University Faculty of Law is a leading Ukrainian legal education institution known for its excellence in the fields of Jurisprudence, International Law, and Law Enforcement. Striving to advance values such as tolerance and freedom of inquiry, the Faculty actively implements programs that allow students to integrate into the legal academic space and legal profession.


Luke Darby Bartosik, LL.M.

Luke Darby Bartosik, co-founder and Executive Director of the LL.M. program, is a Polish-American supporter of Ukraine trained in law both in the U.S. and Central-Eastern Europe, thanks to which he is able to diagnose the advantages and disadvantages of legal training on both sides of the Atlantic. He has 8 years of experience in establishing and managing legal education programs, including coordinating an LL.M. Program at the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law in Washington, D.C.

Valery Loumber, Esq.

Valery Loumber, co-founder and Legal Director of the LL.M program, is a Bulgarian-American supporter of Ukraine and an attorney with 21 years of extensive experience in appeals, bankruptcy litigation, business litigation, complex federal civil procedure and litigation, creditor rights, insolvency, fraud, fraudulent conveyances and other intentional torts. Valery is a partner at Gavrilov & Brooks, which is a full-service law firm with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento (California) built upon providing exceptional legal representation to businesses and individuals.

Christopher Kelley, J.D., LL.M.

Christopher R. Kelley, Academic Director of the LL.M. program, is Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law and a Visiting Professor at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (leading Ukrainian law school). He worked at the office of Minnesota Attorney General and leading American law firms, including Arent Fox and Lindquist & Vennum. Kelley has frequently lectured on legal writing, negotiation, and the rule of law for law firms, corporations, and universities in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Lithuania.

Lilya Kuriy, Ph.D.

Lilya Kurii, Managing Director of the LL.M. program, holds a Ph.D. in Labor Economy and Social Policy and a M.A. in International Economic Relations. She has vast experience in academic research and project management. She served as an expert for the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the EU4Culture Project. She is an alumna of the U.S. Department of State Professional Fellows Program. As the Center For American Studies Ukraine Country Director, Liliya will manage and oversee the execution of the Program.

Sebastian Rogalski

Sebastian Rogalski, Marketing Director of the LL.M. program holds degrees in international relations and management. He has several years experience in co-organizing international academic programs and a wide range of skills necessary to create successful nonprofit campaigns (including graphic design, video editing, and social media marketing). Sebastian will oversee the marketing of the program in order to attract the most deserving Ukrainian participants (based on need and merit).

Piotr Wójciak

Piotr Wójciak, PR Specialist and Fundraiser of the LL.M. program, is an activist, social worker, and a supporter of the Ukrainian cause. He has several years of experience in the public sector, including as Vice-President of the Youth City Council in Rabka-Zdrój, Councilor of the Faculty Council of the Student Government at Jagiellonian University and as Event Manager in the ThinkVile-City of Ideas Association. He uses his energy to raise funds and partnerships for the LL.M. Program.

The Center For American & European Studies is a foundation registered in the Registry of Associations and Other Social and Professional Organizations, Foundations and Independent Public Health Care Institutions of the National Court Registry, kept by the Poznań-New Town and Wilda District Court in Poznań, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Registry (Court Registry Number: 0000985006, Tax Identification Number: 7812019909), headquartered at Stobnicka 5b, 60-480 Poznań, Poland.

The Center For American & European Studies conducts its mission on grounds of the provisions of the Polish Law on Foundations of April 7, 1989 (JoL from 1984, No. 21, item 97), the Polish Act on Publicly Beneficial Activities and Voluntary Work (JoL from 2003, No 96, item 873), notarial deed on the establishment of a foundation (repository number 4145/2020), Judicial License no. PO. VIII NS-REJ.KRS/033304/20/143, and its Bylaws. The overseeing authority of the Center For American & European Studies is the Polish Ministry of Education.

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