The Center For American Studies Publishing Press follows the ethical principles laid out for publishing houses, reviewers, and authors by the Committee on Publication Ethics.

We make every effort to prevent plagiarism, ghostwriting and guest authorship, and any form of discrimination of authors. The CFAS Publishing Press also makes sure that the formal process of review and verification of the form and content of each work is objective and justified based on high academic standards.

  • 1The reviewing process is generally carried out by external Reviewers with at least a doctoral degree. Selection of the Reviewers depends on the subject matter of the work(s). In consequence, we offer no guarantee that every text (paper) will be qualified for printing. We strive for the highest academic level of publications in terms of content and style.

  • 2Each review is carried out via the double-blind-review method. According to this method, neither the Author nor the Reviewer know each other’s identity.

  • 3The Reviewers are selected in a way that prevents conflicts of interests (in case of an economic or personal relationship between the actors participating in the publishing process).

  • 4During review, texts (papers) are covered by the duty of secrecy and are treated as confidential documents. The names of the Reviewers are revealed only when the publication is officially published. Personal data of the Authors and the Reviewers is also protected from unauthorized use or dissemination as stated in the Center For American Studies GDPR policy.

  • 1The paramount goal of the review process is an objective verification of the academic content of the work.

  • 2Each review should be objective and should not contain any judgements pertaining to non-substantive aspects of the text (e.g. author’s gender, nationality or political views).

  • 3Each critical remark should be academically grounded and supported with an explanation.

  • 4The Reviewer should not suggest citations of their own works unless there are exceptional reasons to do so.

  • 5The Reviewer must review the work on time and communicate with the Editor/the Publishing Press.

  • 1Authors are fully responsible for the substantive content of their texts (papers) and bear the entire legal responsibility in case of infringement of intellectual property rights.

  • 2Copying and using words of others expressed in any form (books, magazines, the Internet) without appropriate citation is forbidden.

  • 3Each citation in the text should meet the editorial requirements. The Author is responsible for using proper form for each citation (in-text citations, block citations).

  • 4In the bibliography (sources used to create a work), the Author can only mention the publications that are referenced in footnotes.

  • 5By sending the text to the Press, the Author agrees to have it checked by anti-plagiarism software.

  • 1The Author of an article or chapter is the person who has written the text or made a significant contribution to it and took part in creating its final version.

  • 2Plagiarism, auto-plagiarism and using false data is forbidden. If the Author commits any of these transgressions, the Publishing Press will take appropriate measures to delete them. If necessary, the Press will inform the Author’s university or reject the text.

  • 3Ghostwriting and guest authorship are forbidden. Ghostwriting is writing or significantly contributing to the text on behalf of the person who is then credited as an author (ghost writer does not appear as the author). Guest authorship is when a person appears as the author but did not really participate in the writing process.

  • 4 When the text (work) is written by more than one person, the contribution of each author should be specified in the article/chapter (the contribution has to be explained in terms of quality, not quantity). Such information should be provided in a footnote on the first page of the text.

  • 5Any change related to the status of authorship requires written approval of all of the other authors (in the form of an online written declaration). The author who wants to make changes in authorship must provide adequate reasons. Any disputes between the authors shall be settled without the presence of the Press or the Editor(s). In case of an effective agreement between the Authors to change the status of authorship, the author who requested the change is obliged to inform the Press. The Press will then be able to re-publish the text with correct information about authorship and issue a relevant statement.

  • 6Publication fee, once paid, is non-refundable (since it commences the publishing service). There are no exceptions to this rule.

  • 1The Editor(s) decide which texts (articles, chapters) shall be published in the monograph.

  • 2The Editor(s) are responsible for verification whether each text follows all necessary ethical and intellectual norms.

  • 3The Editor(s) must assess the texts on the basis of objective criteria. Political, economic, personal or any other factors which are not directly associated with the substance of the text, are not objective criteria.

  • 4The Editor(s) must keep the texts confidential until the official date of publication. The only contact may take place between the Editor and the Press or – if necessary – the Reviewers.

  • 5If the Editor(s) are responsible for the selection of the Reviewers, they are obliged to ensure an ethical and objective review. They must also disclose information about any (potential) conflict of interests. In case of a later disclosure of such information, the Editor(s) are obliged to publish relevant amendments and/or statements. The Press reserves the right to withdraw the publication from circulation and issue a claryfying statement.

If the publication turns out to be an effect of dishonesty or plagiarism, the Press (or the Editor of the joint publication) has the right to request relevant clarifications and amendments from the Authors. If the amendments and the errata are not enough to remedy the infringement, the Press reserves the right to withdraw from the process of editing and/or reject the publication entirely.

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